'My only outlet was to keep it in': Journal launched to aid mental health

Jade Craig has launched Nu Journal.

A Londoner has launched a new line in journals aimed at aiding good mental health.

Many during lockdown will have struggled to express themselves openly, especially confined at home, so the outlet of a journal has helped people to externalise thoughts.

Nu Journal founder Jade Craig, 24, from Hither Green, has had to deal with depression for a number of years and sought ways of dealing with the issue.

"My only outlet was to keep it in and not speak to anyone about my issues," Jade tells ITV London. "I saw online ways of coping with this, and journaling was one of them. I bought some empty journals, but I still struggled to write because I wasn't sure what to write in the first place, and the need to release my mind from all that I was holding in kept growing.

"I was stuck with an empty journal not knowing what to write. I started doing some research, and the journals out there really only focused on gratitude and writing about what you're grateful for (which is hard when you're struggling to find things to be grateful for).

"I started, finding ways to make a journal an outlet for myself, and then the idea of having prompts to act as a guide came to mind. Initially I created this journal for myself, but then saw that there could be a greater need outside of myself for this."

The journals offer daily prompts.

Jade has used her own experiences to start Nu Journals, which she hopes will have a similar impact on others going through similar situations.

"Lockdown contributed immensely to me wanting to create this journal, I figured if I'm struggling to write in a journal, how many others are, and mental health has been a big topic of discussion since the first lockdown up until this point, and even before lockdown."

The design and content of Nu Journals are different to the norm, offering daily prompts that act as a guide for people who are struggling to find things to write about.

"I wanted the focus to be on the journal being almost a form of therapy, with prompts that ask you to write about, or answer questions that you may have answered in your head but never out loud."