Man rips out McDonald’s tills and assaults manager after being refused service

Video from CPS

A man who ripped out two McDonald’s tills and assaulted the manager after being refused service has been convicted at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

David King, 50, drank alcohol inside the fast food restaurant in Camberwell and got angry with staff before pouring his drink on the floor.

CCTV showed King shouting, throwing bags of popcorn across and ripping two electronic till screens off their fixtures.

The restaurant manager gave evidence during the trial and described how he was pushed back towards deep fat fryers containing hot oil.

King caused £1,000 damage to the till system and forced McDonald’s to close during the busy after-school period losing the restaurant £700 per hour. He will be sentenced at the same court on 10 May.

Carol Udenze, from the CPS, said: “King was drinking alcohol, his behaviour was unacceptable and disrupted the McDonald’s restaurants’ many visitors and staff.

“During the trial, the prosecution was able to present CCTV evidence of the criminal damage and assault of the manager alongside his strong witness testimony.

 “We hope this prosecution deters destructive behaviour on our high streets in the knowledge that the CPS will prosecute individuals where there is appropriate evidence.”