Plans to bring Olympics back to London dismissed as 'election stunt' by Sadiq Khan's main rival

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Plans to bring the Olympics back to London were dismissed as an 'election stunt' on Tuesday by Sadiq Khan’s main rival.

Mr Khan said he would look to bring the Games to the capital if he were re-elected as London Mayor.

The Labour candidate pledged to work with “leading figures” to establish an exploratory committee into a London bid for the 2036 or 2040 games.

If the bid was successful, London would become the first city to host four summer games in the modern Olympic era.

“Exploring a bid for the 2036 or 2040 Olympic and Paralympic Games is the ultimate demonstration of my plan to build a brighter future for London after the pandemic,” Mr Khan said.

However Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey said Mr Khan's plan amounted to little more than a stunt.

"Far be it from me to accuse Sadiq Khan of an election stunt, but this does feel like one," said Shaun Bailey.

The London 2012 Games were centred around the Olympic Park in east London.