Woman searches for 'man who saved her life' after life-threatening asthma attack in Hyde Park

Credit: Twitter/@ninjavspirate01

A woman who suffered a life-threatening asthma attack in Hyde Park is searching for the man she says saved her life.

Nóra Farrell asked Twitter to help her track down the mystery stranger where thousands of people have helped her spread the message.

"I need help finding the guy who saved my life in Hyde Park today!" she wrote.

I was having an asthma attack and he stopped, asked if I was okay, said 'You don't have to talk to me, I'm just going to sit with you for a bit', gave me his jacket. Rang an ambulance when I needed. Saved my life," she added.

Nóra said she and her mum just wanted to thank him for stopping and getting help.

Know the man who helped save Nóra's life? Email contactus@itvlondon.com