More than one in five Londoners in working households 'live in poverty', exclusive research reveals

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More than one in five Londoners in working households live in poverty, according to exclusive research seen by ITV News London.

The figure for the capital is higher than any other part of the UK and has risen significantly over the last 20 years, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

'Working Poverty' is used to describe someone who has a regular job but stays in relative poverty because of low levels of pay.

Data showed more than half of people in working families with three or more children are in relative poverty in London, along with 42 per cent of people living in working lone parent families.

The IPPR think tank said action was needed to bring down housing and childcare costs, and "make work pay".

The report blames the rise in poverty on spiralling housing costs among low-income households, low wages, and a social security system that has "failed to keep up with rental costs" along with a lack of affordable childcare.

For Jocelyne and her three year-old daughter every day has become a challenge just to survive.

At the start of the pandemic Jocelyne had to reduce her hours working as a receptionist to look after her daughter.

She said life had become increasingly difficult and some days they both had to drink tea to stay full.

Jocelyne said she wanted to share her story because people were "dying in doors" from depression related to poverty, and the stigma attached to talking about it.

The Government said it was working to support low paid workers in a number of ways.