London Mayor ushers in 'working together' era after pledge to 'build bridges' with political opponents

London mayor Sadiq Khan today held out an olive branch to political opponents when he faced their questions for the first time since his re-election.

He appeared to adopt a new, more conciliatory tone when he appeared before London Assembly members at City Hall.

Mr Khan repeated his post-election pledge to 'build bridges' with the government and told one Conservative:

His approach was in marked contrast to previous Mayor's Question Times where clashes between Mr Khan and Tory assembly members were common.

'We are reaching out to government, and I think the government is hopefully more receptive now there's no election forthcoming and we can sort of park party politics and work together', said Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.

The mayor also declined to comment on the critical negotiations between City Hall and ministers to secure a long-term bailout for cash-starved Transport for London.

'These discussions are still underway. I'm not able to provide a running commentary at this moment as I don't want to prejudice any outcomes', said Mr Khan.

All 25 members of the London Assembly were told to wear masks during the question-and-answer session. It was the first full assembly meeting in City Hall since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.