'Vaccinating by the masses!': Huge crowd packs into London's Chinatown for 'no questions asked' Covid jab

Video via Twitter/@mark28c1

A huge crowd packed into London's Chinatown on Thursday afternoon after the promise of a 'no questions asked' Covid jab.

An estimated crowd of more than a thousand people flocked to the small 'vaccine bus' in central London. No appointment was needed, or proof of address, or NHS record.

"There's a special vaccination day today, no questions asked, you don't need to prove who you are... they are just vaccinating people by the masses," said one witness on Twitter.

The big response was prompted by an advert on the Chinese Information and Advice Centre website.

Credit: Chinese Information and Advice Centre

Vaccine buses have been used around the UK to help increase the number of people having the Covid-19 jab.