Fake Amazon driver armed with loaded gun tackled by brave dad on South London doorstep

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A fake Amazon delivery driver armed with a loaded shotgun was tackled to the ground by a brave dad in South London.

Vicente Forde, 32, waited at the address in Crystal Palace holding an Amazon box and wearing a hi-vis jacket.

He tricked his victim into opening the door and pulled out a gun hidden inside the jacket.

The victim, who was at home with his daughter and on the phone to a friend, grabbed hold of the weapon.

Vicente Forde, who posed as a fake Amazon delivery driver Credit: Met Police

Video footage shows the victim being kicked and punched as he screams for help. He eventually prised the weapon away and threw it under a car before witnesses came to help.

Police say the gun was loaded with two live cartridges.

Loaded shotgun used by Vicente Forde to threaten a dad on his doorstep Credit: Met Police

"The victim had no idea what was about to unfold when he saw what he thought was a delivery man bringing a parcel to his address," said Detective Constable Imran Hansraj.

"He had been home with his young daughter and was going about his business as usual when he was thrust into an incredibly frightening ordeal in which he fought for his life.

"His life was turned upside down in a split second by Forde's actions, which were wicked and cowardly in the extreme. He was disguised and armed with a lethal weapon but the victim displayed incredibly bravery to disarm him," he added.

Vicente Forde, from Greenwich, was convicted of firearms offences and remanded for sentencing next month.