Surfing past Parliament! Olympian 'flies' above River Thames on a surfboard

Tap above to watch video report by Chloe Keedy

Out of all the ways of going down the Thames travelling by surfboard probably isn't top of anyone's list. Unless you're an Olympian.

Snowboarder Aimee Fuller made a dramatic appearance and was powered past Parliament by eFoil surfboard which can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour.

Aimee surfed the river for over eight miles taking in some of London's most famous sights including The London Eye and Tower Bridge.

She became the first woman ever to ride the Thames on eFoil - a new extreme sport which takes surfers 'flying' above the surface of the water.

"I discovered eFoil a year ago... the moment I tried it I had a vision - and there was an opportunity to do something nobody has ever done before," Aimee told ITV News London.

Credit: TAG Heuer

eFoil works courtesy of a hydrofoil powered by an electric propeller which creates lift allowing surfers to catch even the smallest waves.

"It's like a flying skateboard but above the water it's such a unique device," Aimee added.

Aimee said it took skill to master the board which could feel more like a 'bucking bronco' when you first have a go.

But get it right and it cuts through the water and is "the best feeling in the world".

Credit: TAG Heuer

"It's not easy, I've put in a lot of work to train for this. If you can find that perfect equilibrium, that perfect stance and point - the board literally cuts through the water and it feels like your flying!" she said.

Aimee said her snowboarding skills and love of extreme sports helped her stay balanced on the water.

She said: "My life moto is to try something new every day no matter how small it is... something like eFoil where I am out of my element, yet it's still a board sport it really attracts me to it because I've really had to focus on this - elements of it are part of my skillset, but there are other elements that could not be further from it.