Dancer Abbie Quinnen warns of dangerous ‘life hack’ TikTok videos after suffering third-degree burns

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Dancer Abbie Quinnen has teamed up with London Fire Brigade to warn about the dangers of 'life hack' videos after getting badly burnt.

Abbie suffered serious injuries after she and boyfriend AJ Pritchard set fire to a rope dipped in a flammable solution to make a vase.

The fire spread out of control, setting fire to her hair and clothes, leaving Abbie with second and three-degree burns.

She had three skin grafts and is using her frightening experience to warn others how dangerous it can be to copy life hack videos.

"I had just received some flowers and we had seen a video online which looked like a simple craft tutorial on how to make a vase from a wine bottle," Abbie said

"It was whilst we were in lockdown and lots of people were filming themselves trying life hacks and posting them online.

"The video looked so harmless, but it went very wrong. As soon as we lit the rope, the fire jumped over, and instantly my top and hair went up in flames," she added.

Abbie spent the night in intensive care and nearly a week at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital specialist burns unit.

"Life hacks can be handy, but it’s important to be aware of when they can be dangerous," said Tiarna-Ann Pearce from Wimbledon Fire Station.

“There are lots of videos out there advising people to use appliances or other objects in ways other than for their intended use, like using toasters to cook meat.

"Last year, firefighters attended 315 fires caused by people using equipment unsafely, which not only means people are putting themselves at risk, but also takes away our resources from other emergencies.

"If you see a video online that looks like it could put yourself or others in any danger, please don’t try it at home," she added.

Abbie has set up a petition campaigning for instructional videos that include a naked flame to come with a warning.

Speaking together with Abbie, AJ Pritchard said: "This video had around nine million views, we didn’t think it would be so dangerous and we want to make sure that others don’t put themselves in the same situation. If we had known how risky it was, or if there had been a warning, maybe we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in today."

Abbie added: "It really worries me that this video is still out there for people to see and whilst I initially wanted to hide what had happened, it’s really important for me to speak out on this and raise awareness of just how real a risk this is.

"If anyone sees these types of videos online, don’t try them, especially if you’re alone. Be careful and pause and think before copying them. I had AJ and his bother Curtis there with me and I was lucky to have acted so quickly, but if there are young people who are thinking of trying this alone it could be a different story."