Teen cries in court but avoids jail for allowing ticketless fans to get into Euro 2020 Wembley final

A teenager has avoided jail after allowing ticketless fans to get into Wembley Stadium for the Euro 2020 final.

Yusaf Amin, 18, who worked as a steward at the stadium, stole official lanyards, hi-vis jackets and wristbands and offered to sell them online for a total of £4,500.

Clashes between fans and members of security happened when hundreds of people tried to storm the ground before the historic game between England and Italy on July 11.

Amin, who cried in the dock at Willesden Magistrates’ Court on Monday afternoon, was handed a six-month sentence in a young offenders’ institute, suspended for a year.

He was also asked to pay £213 in legal costs, carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and go to an attendance centre.

England fans charging up the stairs at Wembley

District Judge Denis Brennan, sentencing, said: “You would have been aware of the concerns about fans getting in the ground, if you can call them fans, following the game against Denmark.

“Yet there you were offering out hi-vis jackets, accreditation passes and wristbands allowing someone to get into the game, putting at risk the security and the safety of other fans within the ground.”

Mr Brennan told the defendant he would have been aware of the “risks caused”. He spoke of accepting Amin was trying to raise money for his mother, whom he does not live with.

England fans outside the ground during the UEFA Euro 2020 Final at Wembley Stadium

Mr Brennan finished by “commending” the woman who initially reported him to the police. He said: “Instead of acting out of pure greed by going and buying the ticket, she acted with good public spirit and contacted the police.

“Without people like her acting in such a publicly spirited way, I don’t know the guilt you would have felt if someone had gotten into the ground and had behaved badly.”

Amin, of Clifford Road, Newham, pleaded guilty to the charge of theft via postal requisition last month.

The court previously heard an account on Facebook marketplace had appeared at 3pm on the day of the match advertising the items and “guaranteed entry”.

Amin had arranged to meet buyers in an Aldi supermarket before being caught and arrested.

An online post from him read: “Steward pass available x2 with uniforms and pass and I’m outside Wembley, anyone wans (sic) to get in. I have two passes and two uniforms and wristbands for you to go in and watch the game.

“Looking for serious people only. Guaranteed entry or money back.”

Dalha Mohamad, 18, of Anglian Road, Waltham Forest, was charged with similar offences but pleaded not guilty at the earlier hearing. He is due to be tried at Willesden Magistrates’ court on December 17.