TikTok 'arson attack': Who owns blue car caught on CCTV near The Smithy Family home?

CCTV image of a car police want to find Credit: Met Police

Police investigating a suspected arson attack on the South London home of a family famous on TikTok want to track down a car spotted on CCTV.

Detectives say the light blue Fiat Punto, which has a dent near the front wheel, could be in the Welling, Bexleyheath, Dartford or Greenwich areas. Officers believe the car's owner may be able help with their investigation.

Credit: Met Police

More than three million people follow the antics of The Smithy Family who became so successful dad Nick gave up the day job to focus on his social media stardom.

In July the family managed to escape their home in Welling shortly after the property was badly damaged by fire.

(Video from TikTok/The SmithyFamily)

"We are now focusing our investigation on the car pictured and wish to identify it as soon as possible - if you recognise it, please come forwards and speak to us," said Detective Sergeant Danny Banks.

"No piece of information is too small and could significantly help us in our investigation to establish who is responsible for this attack," he added.

Flames spread to the house after a car was torched on the driveway. CCTV footage showed two people dressed in black with their faces obscured setting fire to the vehicle.

(Video from TikTok/The SmithyFamily)

The incident is being treated as arson but no arrests have yet been made. No-one was injured.

Father Nick Smithy published a video on Tuesday saying the family have been accused by some of setting the vehicle on fire themselves, which he denied.

He said in a TikTok video: “We shouldn’t have to be on here to prove our innocence, that shouldn’t be the case at all. But we are, we’re having to do this now, because of these sick, vile people who are twisted enough to think that someone would do that.

“We wouldn’t [do that]. Why would I burn my home down after doing all of that work? It annoys me how some very small minded, minority people think.

“We’ve been to hell and back, and we’ve done nothing to deserve that.”