Extinction Rebellion protesters block London Bridge and entrance to Downing Street with white prams

Police realise Extinction Rebellion protesters had bike locks attached to the prams outside Number 10

Extinction Rebellion activists have blocked London Bridge and the entrance to Downing Street with white prams protesting "climate change is killing children".

Protesters are also lying on the ground and gluing themselves to a green bus on the approach to London Bridge, as it remains blocked off.

It comes as more than 300 arrests have been made during the first week of Extinction Rebellion’s fifth wave of mass protests in London on environmental issues.

The Metropolitan Police said there had been a total of 367 arrests in the capital since the environmentalist group began its latest round of action, dubbed the Impossible Rebellion, on August 23.

Extinction Rebellion protesters continue to block off London Bridge with a green bus

The southern end of the London Bridge has been taken over by activists who marched from City Hall to occupy the junction before blocking the road with a bus.

Met officers then surrounded the vehicle and several streets at London Bridge to stop people entering the area.

The force tweeted: “Officers are responding to a demonstration in #LondonBridge where protesters have assembled and are blocking the road.

“We are currently assessing the situation working to keep disruption in the area to a minimum.”

Extinction Rebellion protesters are blocking the entrance to London Bridge. Credit: ITV News/Sam Holder

However, protesters accused police of heavy-handed tactics at a protest outside London Bridge Underground station.

Officers could be seen using batons and dragging protesters from the top of a bus parked in the middle of the road.

Andy Thompson, 35, a teacher from east London, said many people were scared of the officers.

He said: "People I know have been thrown from heights just today, just so that they (the police) can keep a road open and carry on with business as usual, and I think that’s immoral, on behalf of the Government, the people who tell the police what to do and the officers themselves."

Pedestrians coming from London Bridge Underground station are being diverted away from the protest by approximately 20 officers and police vans on one road alone.

An officer confirmed some people taking part in the protest were being arrested, and the road closures would be in place "for hours".

The fifth wave of mass disruption by the group is expected to last for the entirety of this week and is geared towards demanding the UK Government divests from fossil fuels.