Gender neutral ‘batters’ to replace 'batsman' in cricket law change at MCC

England celebrate with the trophy during the ICC Women's World Cup Final at Lord's
England celebrate during the ICC Women's World Cup Final at Lord's in 2017

Gender neutral terms 'batter' and 'batters' will replace 'batsman' and 'batsmen' after a change in the Laws of Cricket, agreed by the MCC at Lord's.

The committee hopes the change will help reinforce cricket’s status as an "inclusive game for all".

The MCC, which owns Lord’s Ground, said a number of Governing Bodies were already using the term 'batter' and they encouraged others to adopt the updated terminology.

"MCC believes in cricket being a game for all and this move recognises the changing landscape of the game in modern times," said Jamie Cox from the MCC.

England players celebrate as India players look dejected before receiving their medals during the Women's World Cup Final at Lord's

"Use of the term 'batter' is a natural evolution in our shared cricketing language and the terminology has already been adopted by many of those involved in the sport.

"It is the right time for this adjustment to be recognised formally and we are delighted, as the Guardians of the Laws, to announce these changes today," he added.

Women’s cricket has seen significant growth around the world with England’s win over India in the 2017 World Cup Final taking place in front of a capacity crowd at Lord’s.