Former cancer patient pursues medical career after being inspired by the nurses who treated her

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A former cancer patient is pursuing a career as a medic after being inspired by the nurses who treated her.

Maisie Carpenter, from Surrey, was diagnosed with leukaemia aged 11 and spent most of the last decade being treated at The Royal Marsden before a successful stem cell transplant last year.

She has started studying nursing at university and also found time to return to the hospital to thank the medics who saved her life.

When Maisie was 11 she fainted in the street near her home in Reigate and was badly bruised. Blood tests revealed she had leukaemia.

"I remember when my mum first told me the first thing I said to her was am I going to die?" said Maisie.

"I think for an 11-year-old to even have to think about that is really quite harsh," she added.

Maisie was taken to Great Ormond Street before being transferred to the Royal Marsden in Sutton.

Maisie Carpenter pictured during the early stages of her treatment

She had two weeks of chemotherapy and started taking medication.

Seven years later she had a relapse and needed a life-saving stem cell transplant, luckily 16-year-old brother Jake was a perfect match. In the months that followed staff at The Royal Marsden saved her life.

"Every single nurse was beyond amazing, it's not just a job for them, they do genuinely care for you," Maisie said.

"I so badly want to give back to the NHS, my experience means I can relate so much more to children that are in that situation.

"As much as the nurses are there and want to make you feel better some of them have not been through it.

"I just want to give back to children to make sure their experience of cancer was as positive as mine was," she added.

Staff at The Royal Marsden said they were proud of Maisie's inspirational decision to give back to the NHS.

She is now in remission and is determined her first job after graduating will be back at the hospital supporting and inspiring those who will need her help.