Prioritise hospital staff, care workers and cabbies, urges mayor as fuel supplies dwindle

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London's dwindling supplies of petrol and diesel should be reserved for 'key workers' until the fuel crisis is over, Sadiq Khan has demanded. The London mayor called on ministers to create a priority list of hospital staff, care workers and black cab drivers. He told ITV News fuel shortages were affecting most of London's filling stations and the situation was getting worse. He said the government needed to 'get a grip'.

"I think we've reached the stage now where people who don't need fuel, where they've already got petrol in their tank, should allow others who need it to do their job, to serve our city, to get the fuel," Mr Khan said.

"And one way of doing that is for the government to do what I'm suggesting, which is to make sure the fuel that's left is reserved for key workers," he added.

The mayor said it would take 'some days' for fuel supplies to be replenished and he urged ministers to use troops to get petrol and diesel from depots to forecourts. He added the capital's emergency services and Transport for London have sufficient fuel for the police, fire and ambulance services and buses to operate normally.