Covid-hit Barnet hospice seeks £2m to support children and families

A north London hospice for children says the Covid pandemic stretched them so much financially that it is now struggling to fund the vital services they offer children and families who rely on the centre.

Noah's Ark in Barnet receives some NHS funding but to stay afloat it has to raise £4m a year - so far, it is £2m short.

The Arc opened in 2019 - Covid hit services and funding, meaning they can currently only support a third of the 2,500 kids who need them.

One of those children is eight-month-old Isabella. Baby Isabella was starved of oxygen during birth, resulting in severe Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy and neurological difficulties.

Noah's Arc Hospice has enabled her and her parents to "have some fun" while the music therapy she does at the centre, "is just brilliant, she's just so responsive", her mum says.

Martin Stew meets Isabella and her mum and dad, Jo and Andy, to find out why the hospice is such a vital support for families.