'I couldn't fall in love again' says dad who lost partner and baby in crash as driver admits killing

"She was the best thing that ever happened to me..." Charlie Bianco-Ashley told Senior Correspondent Ronke Phillips

A devastated dad who lost his partner and baby in a horror crash in south east London said he "couldn't fall in love again" after losing the love of his life.

"She was the best thing that ever happened to me," Charlie Bianco-Ashley told ITV News London after a driver admitted killing Nicole Newman as she pushed her baby in a pram.

Nicole died on Croydon Road in Penge in January 2019. Baby Luciano Bianco-Newman was seriously injured and died seven days later.

Charlie Bianco-Ashley with Baby Luciano

Tyson Haynes, 53, from Brockley, pleaded guilty to causing the deaths by careless driving during a brief hearing at the Old Bailey.

Recalling the night of the crash Mr Bianco-Ashley said: "I just saw them in the air, that's the way I remember it, I constantly remember it. "We were going to drop the baby to her mum's house and that happened. "It's ruined me, but I've got to stay strong."

It was alleged that Haynes was speeding on a 30mph road at the time of the crash in a residential road near shops and houses.

He denied alternative charges of causing the deaths by dangerous driving.

Pram seen in the road after the crash in Penge

Prosecutor Alan Blake accepted the plea following careful consideration and consultation with the victims’ family.

Tyson Haynes has multiple sclerosis and the prosecutor said it was in the "public interest" in light of the defendant’s medical condition.

"I went for the lesser charge so we can get him in court and get some closure and some justice," Mr Bianco-Ashley said.

"I want it done and dusted and everyone to have justice. We had so much to look forward to."

The Old Bailey Judge adjourned sentencing for Tyson Haynes without fixing a date, saying it is imperative it is dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

He warned a sentence of immediate imprisonment is a “real option”.

Baby Luciano Bianco-Newman

Charlie is also facing a new, difficult challenge after a recent motorbike accident left him with a broken neck and spine.

He said: "I'm paralysed from the waist down. They're trying to make me walk again - so hopefully that happens.

"I'm going to carry on - keep going."