Crash after crash! Steel bollards 'cause daily carnage' for frustrated drivers

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Steel bollards are 'causing carnage' for frustrated drivers on a street in Hertfordshire because vehicles, including a police van, are crashing when trying to squeeze through a seven foot gap.

A doorbell camera captured eleven crashes in just four weeks as drivers struggled to navigate the controversial traffic scheme in Woodmere Avenue, Watford.

In one video a police van is seen smashing into the safety barriers, while the wheel was ripped from a car in another crash.

Car loses wheel after trying to squeeze through bollards

The bollards were put in place to make the street safer but people living there said cars were having accidents 'every day'.

"I've caught my car twice! I've had the wheel arches done, there are always cars stuck in here," said one resident.

The problem has been caused by six steel bollards placed just seven feet apart to stop heavy good vehicles coming through.

Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for the road and is working to find a better long-term solution, including using traffic cameras instead of bollards.