Jack Harries: YouTuber aiming to make world leaders take notice on climate change

Jack Harries has made a new YouTube series. Credit: PA

YouTuber Jack Harries is part of a new generation of environmentalists tackling climate change.

The 28-year-old has 3.72million subscribers to his YouTube channel, where he has just launched his Seat At The Table series.

Harries is hoping to take the baton from Sir David Attenborough, who appears in Seat At The Table as he looks to influence public opinion on environment issues.

Having started doing vlogs from his bedroom 10 years ago, Harries' popularity has grown to see his videos being viewed up to 10million times.

Seat At The Table shows Harries' journey to COP26, speaking to people on the way about the environment and its impact on them.

The films were made to be shown to politicians in Glasgow and making them hear from people around the world, who would not normally be able to speak to those in power.