Uber raises prices by 10 per cent across London

Uber has pushed prices up by 10 per cent across London

Uber fares have risen by 10 per cent from today across London.

The app-based taxi service says it hopes the higher prices will attract new drivers and cut waiting times, the Evening Standard reported.

Uber's minimum fare in the capital jumps £5 to £5.50, while airport trips have gone up by 25 per cent at peak times.

A shortage of Uber drivers means more customers have had to wait longer for cars and have encountered "surge pricing," which puts fares up 1.8 times higher than usual.

Uber last increased its prices in 2017 but has seen more drivers switching to newer rival apps Bolt and vice versa.

An Uber spokesperson said: “We’re making these changes to help provide a better rider experience, by signing up more drivers to meet the growing demand.

“We know people rely on Uber to book a safe trip around London and this small fare increase will help reduce wait times. As always riders will get a fare estimate before booking their journey.”