Hungry squirrel cut free from bird feeder in Surrey garden

A hungry squirrel was cut free from a bird feeder in Surrey after going in search of food. The squirrel squeezed through the bars but got stuck after getting its entire head and body caught.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Louis Horton said the squirrel thought he had an easy meal but unfortunately it wasn’t quite as simple as he had hoped.

"He was caught by the head and his whole body was inside the feeder," said Louis Horton.

"Fortunately he was uninjured and I was able to free him there and then by cutting away at the metal. 

"As soon as he could he scampered off as fast as he was able.

"Unfortunately squirrels trapped in feeders is something we hear about fairly regularly, especially those designed to be ‘anti-squirrel’ so we would urge people to stickto the more simple designs and to check them regularly," he added.