'I had a little shout!' Arlo Parks on her 'incredible' double Grammy nomination

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London singer-songwriter Arlo Parks said she "had a little shout" when she first heard about her double Grammy award nomination.

Parks, 21, released her debut studio album, 'Collapsed in Sunbeams', in January and has gone from strength to strength after picking up Mercury Prize and Brit Awards.

Speaking to Lucrezia Millarini, Parks said she almost couldn't believe she'd be representing Britain at the 64th Grammys.

"I was in Cologne and it's the one day I decided not to bring my phone with me and I was with my guitarist and he looked at me with this look of utter shock and I was just wondering what was happening!" Parks said.

"And he said 'TWO!', and I said two what?

"And he said Grammy nominations and I had a little shout in the shop - I apologised to the shop owner for that but I was very, very excited. "I'm still processing it. Things of this magnitude take time to slowly soak in, but for now I'm glowing with it all and really grateful!" she added.

Arlo Parks is nominated for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album at the Grammy Awards.

She said it felt "incredible" to be recognised particularly as a young, independent British artist.

"It's encouraging me to be myself and that British music has a really strong place in the world of music internationally - it's just really special," she said.

Parks said she was also in favour of "fluidity" and backed the Brit Awards’ decision to scrap male and female categories at the ceremony next year. "I think gendered categories can be reductive and can leave people feeling misrepresented, so I'm all for fluidity and celebration of music as a whole," she said.