Dedicated Spurs fans 'shocked' by Harry Kane offer after frustrating 31 hour trip to postponed game

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Two dedicated Spurs fans who travelled 31 hours from America to the UK to find the game was postponed said they were "shocked" when Harry Kane invited them to be his guest at Tottenham's next match.

Ken and Brandi Saxton, who live in Texas, are massive fans of the north London club and will let nothing stop them watching Tottenham, except for snow.

The away game at Burnley's Turf Moor was postponed just 20 minutes before kick-off.

Snow on the pitch as the game is abandoned before the Premier League match at Turf Moor

"I was a bit disappointed - we had travelled a long way," Brandi told ITV News London.

But her disappointment soon turned to shock when Harry Kane found out about their frustrating journey on Twitter.

"My husband was asleep and I had to wake him up that Harry Kane had messaged and wanted us to be his guest - it was shock! I'm a big supporter of Harry Kane so I was very excited!" said Brandi.

"Even though the snow caused a delay it was beautiful and we don't get that kind of snow in Texas," said Brandi.

The American couple said their dedication to Spurs was "worth every moment" they spent travelling.

"When you go to other sports in America it's more like goods and services. You pay and there's no real connection there," said Ken.

"With the Premier League it's different. You feel invested and it's special and it makes every moment worth it and every mile you travel worth it," Ken added.

Weather permitting the Saxtons will see Spurs in action on Thursday at the London derby against Brentford.