Is your London street among the slowest for UK broadband?


Two London streets are among the slowest for broadband in the UK, according to latest figures from comparison site

Seymour Avenue in Morden and South Park Crescent in Lewisham have speeds far below the UK average, neither of which clocked higher than 0.40Mbps.

The UK average broadband speed is 79.1Mbps, according to the figures.

In contrast Britain's second fastest street was in Ilford with an average speed of 877Mbps which means a two-hour film could be downloaded in less than a minute.

According to Uswitch, the number of broadband users accessing faster speeds is growing, with 43% of users getting superfast speeds of at least 30Mbps, compared to just 22% six years ago, but the firm urged residents to check their local broadband speed availability as many could be eligible for an upgrade.

“Britain’s broadband keeps getting quicker every year, but parts of the country continue to be left behind,” Uswitch broadband expert Ernest Doku said.

“At a time when so many of us rely on our broadband for work, streaming films and TV, and gaming, it’s hard to imagine how frustrating such a slow connection must be.

“It’s great to witness the increased uptake of ultrafast broadband, but we don’t want to see large swathes of the country left behind on shoddy connections that aren’t cutting it for modern life.

“Initiatives like the Universal Service Obligation and Project Gigabit are helping improve connections at both ends of the spectrum, but there is a lot more to be done so consumers don’t get left behind."