Boy, 16, stabbed to death in Hillingdon in London's worst year for teenage killings on record

Police and investigators at the scene of the stabbing in Philpotts Farm Open Space

A 16-year-old boy has died after being stabbed in Hillingdon, west London

His death is the 30th teenage homicide in the capital in 2021, marking the worst year for youth killings in the capital ever recorded. The death toll surpasses a peak of 29 in 2008.

Hours earlier another teenager died after a stabbing in a park in Croydon.

Campaigners helping to tackle knife crime in the city have called both incidents "heartbreaking".

Police were called to Philpotts Farm Open Space close to Heather Lane in Yiewsley, Hillingdon just after 7.30pm on Thursday night.

Officers said they found a 16-year-old suffering from a puncture wound and despite the efforts of paramedics, the boy was pronounced dead at the scene at 8.25pm.

His death came within an hour of another fatal stabbing in the city. A murder investigation has been launched after a 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death in Ashburton Park, Croydon.

Anthony King, chair of the MyEnds programme which aims to tackle knife crime in London, described the record-breaking numbers of teenage deaths as taking "10 steps forward and 11 steps backward".

'It is heartbreaking'

Speaking at Ashburton Park he said: "We’ve had four teenage murders in our borough and it is heartbreaking because of the work that’s been done with education.

"It just feels like 10 steps forward again and 11 steps backward, it’s horrible."

"I reiterate the message that I said recently: parents if you see a bread knife or bun knife missing from the home, please speak to somebody, please contact an agency or an organisation and let the teachers know. There’s somebody that can help," he stressed,

Metropolitan Police Commander Alex Murray also spoke at the scene.

'I can't imagine the pain that the families and loved ones of those who died last night are feeling right now'

"My message today, other than speaking to the families and friends of those that London has lost, is to say you cannot carry knives in London," he said.

"This is what happens when knives are carried and we all have a role in relation to tackling knife crime."

Mr Murray added: "To the family of this 15-year-old lad, and to the family of the young man who was killed in Hillingdon, the poignancy of the time of year – I have got teenagers myself – all I can say that the Met is reaching out to you and we’ll do everything we can to bring those offenders to justice. We can’t imagine the pain that you are going through.

"But you must know that we are absolutely committed to bringing those offenders to justice, but also tackling violence across the whole of London so that more mums and dads don’t have to be in a position that they’re in right now."

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he was devastated following the deaths of the two teenagers within an hour of each other.

"The safety of Londoners will always be my number one priority," the mayor said.

"I refuse to accept that the loss of young lives is inevitable and will continue to be relentless in taking the bold action needed to put an end to violence in our city."