Arsenal replace iconic red shirt to play in white to make stand against youth knife crime

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Arsenal will replace their iconic red home shirt with an all white kit during their FA Cup clash against Nottingham Forest this weekend as part of the team's stand against knife crime.

The Gunners are teaming up with Adidas in an initiative called 'No More Red' to help keep young people safe from knife crime and youth violence.

It comes after 2021 saw 30 teenage murders in London, the highest number in a single year.

"We know young people face multiple challenges as they grow up in today’s world and some need protecting from the pressure of negative influences," said Freddie Hudson, Head of Arsenal in the Community.

Arsenal will play in an all-white kit in Sunday's FA Cup tie at Nottingham Forest

Arsenal's initiative also includes creating and refurbishing safe spaces to play football, starting with the pitch on Harvist Estate just minutes away from Emirates Stadium.

Freddie Hudson added: "No More Red’s investment in football pitches provides us with quality, safe spaces in the heart of our communities.

"These spaces enable our participants to engage and build relationships with relatable role models who can inspire and support.

"Keeping safe is just one part, No More Red also provides educational opportunities that help individuals make better, informed choices about their future.

"It also sends a wider message that by pursuing your talent and focusing on aspirations and positive influences, there are alternatives."

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The scheme has attracted some big name backing including from actor Idris Elba who warned of a "dangerous void" in home life.

"From the time young people leave school, until the time they’re at home with family, there is often a void, a dangerous spike of nothing to do, where nothing can easily turn to something dangerous," Idris Elba said.

"If there continues to be no options for this after-school period, we will always see gangs form. Let’s create options for these young people."

Above: No More Red video from Adidas/Arsenal