London head teacher begs parents to walk children to school to cut pollution

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A London head teacher is begging parents to leave their cars at home and walk their children to school to help cut pollution.

Lindsey Lampard told ITV News London most families live less than half a mile from Chingford Church Of England Primary so should be able to walk or cycle.

She called for the introduction of a School Streets scheme which would only allow residents to drive in the area at school drop off and pick up times.

"It would make it a much more pleasant environment and I think more parents would allow Year 6 pupils to walk on their own because they would feel they are safer," Lindsey Lampard told ITV News London.

"And if it doesn’t become a street school there is plenty of free parking round the corner.

"So I would say as a message to the parents if you can’t walk the whole journey, walk part of it - walk the last little bit.

"Have that moment walking and talking to your child," she added.

The pupils are so unhappy about pollution from cars at the school gates they act as traffic wardens

The council said it could only create a School Streets scheme if surrounding roads adopt a controlled parking zone which require resident permits.

"There are lots of school in the borough that are already street schools and speaking to other head teachers they really welcome it," Lindsey Lampard said.

"It’s been really helpful especially with the idling when engines are just waiting at drop off time. So I would urge the council to look at it again."

Waltham Forest Council added it was one of the UK’s "leading and pioneering councils when it comes to promoting active travel," adding:

"We know that some schools in the north of the borough have road safety, congestion and parking concerns and we want to work with them and their local communities to find a solution.

"We are committed to expanding the School Streets Programme with the assistance of schools, parents, and residents across the borough."