'I keep thinking of the Queen by herself at Philip's funeral': Windsor reacts to Downing St parties

Tap above to watch Windsor residents react to the parties at Downing Street

The Queen has received an apology from Number 10 for the "deeply regrettable" parties it held on the eve of her husband's funeral but the people of Windsor, where Prince Philip's funeral was held, are not feeling very forgiving.

When the country was banned from indoor mixing and in 'national mourning' the Queen was forced to grieve alone at the ceremony for her husband of 73 years, the image of her sat by herself on a church bench in a black face mask becoming one of the most poignant of 2021.

For those who live in the Conservative-voting Berkshire town, there is little sympathy for Downing Street, or Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"I do keep thinking about the Queen, sitting by herself at Prince Philip's funeral and I don't think it's right," one woman told ITV News.

One man said Johnson should go to "Partyland and stay there" while another Windsor resident described the revelations as "callous".

Tap above to watch Windsor cafe owner react to the parties at Downing Street

Tone Mendez, owner of Clairmont's cafe in the town, remembers how quiet Windsor was on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral.

"Other people had parties and paid fines," he said. "Now everybody's going to think about it, ask for their money back and say 'I apologise' too.

"People in power can do whatever they want these days."