Shocked Hertfordshire mum finds pink egg sizzling in frying pan

Pink egg found cooking in a frying pan Credit: HertsLive/BPM MEDIA

A shocked mum couldn't believe her eyes when she found a pink egg sizzling in her frying pan.

Beena Sarangdhar from Abbots Langley made the startling discovery as she made dinner for her children.

She discovered the pink egg in the pan and although it was still in date Beena was unsure whether or not to eat it.

After posting a photo to a Facebook page she was warned not to touch the eggs and throw them away immediately.

"I fancied some eggs yesterday and cracked open the eggs in the frying pan as normal," Beena said.

"Then as it fell into the pan I screamed as I have never seen a pink egg before.

"The kids came running to see what had happened and their reaction was typical, [they went] 'errrr'"

Beena said the other eggs were fine but the pink one was something she had never seen before.

"I then cracked the other two eggs from the same box but they were normal," she added.

"It was really weird because they were in date and just the last few left.

Can you eat pink eggs?

No. According to the US Department of Agriculture, a cloudy egg white is a sign the egg is very fresh. A clear egg white, meanwhile, is an indication the egg is ageing. Pink or pearly egg whites indicate spoilage due to Pseudomonas bacteria. Some of these microorganisms, which produce a greenish, fluorescent, water-soluble pigment, are harmful to humans and shouldn't be eaten.

So the advice is if you spot a pink egg in your pan throw it away.