Harness 'Boris booster-ism' urges former MP in London's most marginal seat as pressure mounts on PM

"I want some of that 'Boris booster-ism'..." Victoria Borwick told ITV News London

A former Conservative MP in London's most marginal constituency urged people to back the Prime Minister and harness what she called "Boris booster-ism".

Victoria Borwick served as MP for Kensington between 2015 and 2017 before losing her seat to Labour. It was won back by Tory MP Felicity Buchan at the last election with a majority of 150.

Ms Borwick backed Mr Johnson to "drive the country forward" as the Prime Minister came under increasing pressure over the 'partygate scandal'.

"I want to get business back open again which is why I want some of that 'Boris booster-ism', to use his enthusiasm to drive forward our economy," Victoria Borwick told ITV News London.

"The good thing is that we seem to be coming through this terrible Covid pandemic so for that I have to congratulate Boris and the government and all those who have been involved with the vaccine programme.

"Everyone has been affected. This is an international problem and I'm really pleased by the way we have tackled it," she added.

Boris Johnson has faced growing calls to resign including from former Cabinet minister David Davis, the most senior Tory MP to do so.

Mr Davis told the PM he had spent weeks defending him from "angry constituents", including by reminding them of the "successes of Brexit", but said he expects leaders to "shoulder the responsibility for the actions they take".

Victoria Borwick served on the London Assembly and was Deputy Mayor of London under Boris Johnson from 2012 to 2015.

"I've seen him as the Mayor of London and have worked with him for many years so I know Boris at his best, in driving the country forward, he can bring investment here and help businesses reopen," Borwick said.

"He can help us get back, the economy is already rising and I would like to build on those good news stories to help people get back into work and get back to normal life again," she explained.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions

But on Wednesday Boris Johnson appeared to be facing the political fight of his life as Bury South MP Christian Wakeford defected to Labour.

In a statement he said, "You [Boris Johnson] and the Conservative Party as a whole have shown themselves incapable of offering the leadership and government this country deserves".

But Ms Borwick brushed aside any concern about Mr Johnson's leadership and said if she were still an MP she would not be trying to remove the Prime Minister from office.

"Absolutely not, I'm sure a lot that's happened over the last few months he regrets but there is so much to celebrate too and that's what we've got to do as a country," she said.

"We have to stick out these last few months until we can get things going again.

"I would not write a letter [to the 1922 Committee] because I've seen Boris at his best, I've seen Boris bring investment, to get people working together and collaboratively.

"I want the country to come together and let's back Boris and let's get everything moving again," she added.