Stressed London mum reaches boiling point after being forced to wash children using kettle

"I'm so stressed!" Lorraine recorded the moment water started dripping through her ceiling [Image via Hannah Neary/MyLondon/the LDRS/BPM MEDIA]

A London mum-of-three has been forced to wash her children using water from the kettle after being left without hot water for almost a month.

Lorraine King, 48, recorded a video showing water dripping through the ceiling and down an electric light fitting at her West London home.

Lorraine, who works as a carer, said her home owned by the Catalyst Housing association has flooded at least once a year.

"I’ve got to either boil the kettle or even go and take a bath at my daughter’s which is miles away - it’s not convenient," Lorraine said.

"It’s happened in the front room three times and also the bedroom, bathroom, toilet - it’s just constant," she added.

Water seen dripping through light fitting at Lorraine's home Credit: Hannah Neary/MyLondon/the LDRS/BMP MEDIA

Lorraine's family got the unwelcome shock on Boxing Day as water gushed through the ceiling into the front room where her granddaughter was playing.

Lorraine, who lives with her son and two daughters, said they still didn't know when the problem would be fixed.

"The repairs take extra long to do, the guy left us with no hot water or heating," Lorraine said."Then they contacted me two weeks later and told me they weren’t aware we didn’t have any heating."They gave us these little oil heaters, which don’t heat up the room at all.

"The whole house really does smell because of the flood," she added.

Mold and water damage on the ceiling of Lorraine's London home Credit: BPM Hannah Neary/MyLondon/the LDRS/BPM MEDIA

Lorraine was on the housing waiting list for 20 years before she moved into her first permanent home in Kensington and Chelsea in 2010.

She said the problems have affected her mental health, adding: "It’s happened so much... I never had this before I moved into the property."On Saturday, I had a total meltdown because I just couldn’t handle it any more and I’ve still got to come into work. I can’t function properly because I don’t feel myself."

A spokesperson for Catalyst Housing said: "We are sorry for the inconvenience and distress caused.

"We believe the source of the current problem is a leaking communal heating pipe in Ms King’s ceiling."To permanently fix the pipe, we need to take down the ceiling, and we are speaking with Ms King to arrange for adequate access to her home and enough time to complete the work and replace and redecorate her ceiling."