How London's 'largest dog' is sometimes mistaken for a cow, says owner

100222 Great Dane Diego (c) BPM Media
Great Dane Diego with owner Carlos Da Silva Credit: BPM Media

A dog thought to be one of the largest in London is so big he sometimes gets mistaken for a cow when out for walks.

Great Dane 'Diego', who lives with owner Carlos Da Silva in Wembley, weighs in at a whopping 15 stone and stands six-foot tall when up on his hind legs.

Carlos has been sharing his London home with his king-sized pet since 2015 after persuading wife Ellie they should get him.

Because of his size and black and white colouring some children mistake Diego for a cow.

"In east London, almost everyone knows him," he said.

"If you have a Great Dane, everyone wants to come and talk and take pictures.

"The Tube is a nightmare sometimes... one person wants to take a photo, and then another one, and then there's a crowd," Carlos added.

Diego is as tall as most people when standing on his hind legs Credit: BPM Media

Diego and Carlos travel from Wembley to Bravos Motorcycles in Bethnal Green, the garage which Carlos owns and works in, six days a week.

The sidecar is for sunny days but when it's raining the pair take the Tube.

"If I touch the sidecar, he knows we're going out," Carlos said.

"If I put on my jacket or grab the helmet, he knows - it's crazy.

"Great Danes are lazy - they're lap dogs.

"Everywhere they go, they sit... I put him on the sidecar and he sat down, and that's it," he added.

Diego wearing protective 'doggles' as he rides on a sidecar Credit: BPM Media

Carlos tried to put Diego on a diet but it's difficult when strangers in the park offer him treats. He also loves pizza.

"If he sees pizza, his favourite food, he gets crazy - he's a different dog.

"He'll do anything for pizza," Carlos explains.

Six years after getting Diego, he and Carlos are inseparable.

"Everywhere I go, I take Diego."