How Big Jet TV streams dramatic day at Heathrow live to thousands as Storm Eunice batters London

A380 Emirates plane battles high winds to make successful landing at Heathrow [Video from YouTube/Big Jet TV]

A dramatic day at London's Heathrow Airport was streamed to thousands of people around the world by Big Jet TV as dozens of planes fought Storm Eunice to land in high winds.

At the peak of Friday's fierce storm more than 200,000 people were glued to YouTube as planes wobbled their way towards the runway buffeted by gusts of up to 70mph.

The storm which gave London its first ever severe red weather warning caused widespread travel disruption, with some flights diverting to other airports, while British Airways said it is suffering from “significant disruption”, with dozens of flights cancelled.

British Airways flight aborts landing and performs 'go around' at Heathrow

Big Jet TV, which regularly films livestreams from Heathrow, has captured dozens of 'go-arounds', in which an aircraft trying to land on the runway aborts its attempt, instead flying back around the airport for another attempt.

Jerry Dyer, who runs the channel, told BBC Radio 2: "This is the best scenario you could possibly imagine – big kudos to the pilots and the crews working at the airports, this is the most exciting stuff you could possibly get.

Another BA flight aborts a landing at Heathrow

"Right now, these conditions with 70mph gusting winds, it’s pretty intense.

"And what is great is you get to see the skill of the pilot and how they manage to handle it."

Gusts of more than 50mph have been forecast at Heathrow, according to the Met Office.

As tens of thousands of viewers began watching his content, it caught the attention of celebrities on social media.

Comedian Nish Kumar tweeted: “My new comedy special “All aboard the laugh plane” is now streaming exclusively on BigJetTv.”

Comedian and author Adam Kay joined the conversation, writing: “GLUED to Big Jet TV. The poor pilots, crew and passengers landing just now. I need a complimentary Bloody Mary to get through just watching it.”

The YouTube channel was set up by Dyer in February 2017 and frequently live-streams from the perimeter of airports for hours, observing and commentating on landings.

Presenter Richard Osman noted Dyer’s commentary style, writing: “Just got a big nose full of Dunlop’ #BIGJetTV”, while Call The Midwife actor Stephen McGann tweeted: “Just take a train, guys. Much safer. 🙂 #BigJetTV.”

Lead singer of the Charlatans, Tim Burgess, joked: “Spotify have just bought Big Jet TV for 300 million dollars.”