Remarkable mum with inoperable brain tumour raises thousands dressed as a duck

Amazing mum walks 10,000 steps for brain tumour research. Tap above to watch video report by Sally Williams

Kelly Casey, mum-of-two, who has an inoperable brain tumour continues to inspire her community, who joined her dressed in their best duck costumes for her last fundraising walk.

During February Kelly walked 10,000 steps raising thousands for brain tumour research.

“It's amazing because all the little kids behind me know I have a brain tumour so it's very important that we share that information with everybody,” Kelly said, as a trail of 160 children dressed as ducklings from her son's schools in Stoke Newington happily followed behind her.

Kelly has even captured the eye of Alan Carr, who was blown away by her positive attitude and encouraged her to keep going. 

To find out more or donate, visit Kelly's Just Giving page.