Bachelor searching for wife on Tube billboard ad reading 'Best Indian takeaway' flooded with offers

The success of the billboard campaign took Jeevan Bhachu by surprise -"It's done more than I expected!" he told ITV News London.

A bachelor who took the drastic step of advertising on a London Underground billboard to find a wife has been flooded with offers from as far away as the United States.

Jeevan Bhachu told ITV News London he was only expecting replies from people living in the UK but his appeal has gone global.

He forked out £2,000 to plaster his face on the 20-foot billboard at Oxford Circus and was extremely pleased with the response.

"It’s been running since last Thursday and I’ve had over 100 responses," Jeevan said.

"It’s done more than I expected, initially I wanted to target the whole of the UK.

"But it’s gone worldwide and reached the United States, Australia, Canada and Greece and Germany!"

Jeevan said he had already responded to a few potential future wives and he was in the process of sorting out dates to meet up.

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The bachelor from Ealing said he previously tried speed dating and apps but because of Covid people were reluctant to meet up.

He said he wouldn't be surprised if more people used billboards instead.

"I would fully support anyone and I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone copied what we had done," he said.

"Doing this billboard was outside my comfort zone because you need to stop worrying about what other people think and how they judge you. 

"I’ve got to that place where I don’t value other people’s opinions over my own," he explained.

Jeevan's campaign comes hot on the heels of Mohammad Malik, a 29 year-old entrepreneur from London, who used a giant purple billboard beside a road in West London.

"So I basically refined his marketing strategy. So I used his strategy at Oxford Circus one of the busiest stations in London," Jeevan said.

"The whole idea was that people would wait on the platform and everyone will have their phones.

"So the billboard will be right in front of their face and they can go on my website and contact me straight away," he added.

Anyone interested in getting in touch can find more details at