Buckinghamshire movie makers come face-to-face with the real-life consequences of war

They met working in London's film industry and between them have put in countless hours on blockbuster films like Mission Impossible, Fantastic Beasts and popular dramas like The Crown.

For the past week though, the three young film-makers - Anastasia Harrold, Ben Sheridan and Madeleine Cole - have been on a road trip across Europe, coming face-to-face with the real-life consequences of war.

Their journey began in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire last Friday night.

Using their own money, they filled up a horse box with aid, including medicine, blankets and baby products.

Their mission was to deliver it to the Polish non-governmental organisation, ZSR, whose teams have been working as first responders on the border with Ukraine.

For Anastasia, 28, the conflict in Ukraine has hit hard as, although she grew up in the UK, she is half Ukrainian and half Russian.

Anastasia Harrold, Ben Sheridan and Madeleine Cole took a road trip across Europe Credit: Instagram/films4humanity

"This is two of my sides fighting each other," Anastasia said.

"Like a brother and sister fighting. It hits really close to home, and I think that is what pushed me to help even more, because it's my people," she added.

When they arrived in Korczowa, Poland earlier this week, they saw thousands of Ukrainian refugees who have gathered in what used to be a Market Hall, close to the Ukrainian border.

There, they teamed up with the Polish first responders and delivered their aid.

They also had a chance to give out sweets to the children - a simple gesture which meant so much to the displaced victims of war.

"There was a little boy who we gave some sweets to, which were packets of little cubes," said Madeleine.

"One of them was yellow, and one of them was blue, and he put them on top of each other to make the Ukrainian flag, and showed his mother."

Friends, family and colleagues in the film industry have all wanted to support the trio, who very quickly have become "Films 4 Humanity". 

Area near the Polish border being used to temporarily house around 2,500 refugees Credit: Instagram/@films4humanity

To date, they have raised nearly £6,000 which they hope will help pay for a new ambulance for ZSR.

"These guys are also crossing over the border to get into parts of Ukraine," said Ben.

"They're going into war zones and they're not military trained... and that's a frightening thing.

"They've literally been thrown onto the front line... and they're just trying to get as many people out, and help them," he added.

Films 4 Humanity, who are now on the road back home, hope to continue to help the Ukrainian refugees, between film jobs. Their progress can be followed on Instagram and Facebook.The Polish Embassy in London has expressed its sincere gratitude to those who want to help, but is now discouraging people from taking aid themselves.

Instead they are asking people to organise fundraisers and then send direct donations of funds to verified organsations.