Man who refused to stop staring at woman on Berkshire train is jailed

Dominik Bullock
Dominik Bullock Credit: BPM Media

A man who refused to stop staring at a woman on a train in Berkshire has been jailed. Dominik Bullock sat next to his victim on a train from Reading and began staring at her intently, police said. The woman asked him to stop staring several times as it was making her feel uncomfortable, but he refused. She asked Bullock to move as he was blocking her exit, but he refused again and said she would have to climb over him. The victim, who was visibly upset, continued to ask Bullock to move out of her way but a court heard he remained emotionless and still refused. Other passengers in the carriage also started asking Bullock to move while the victim phoned the police but he continued to refuse. The train manager was alerted and removed Bullock from the train.

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Bullock was identified by a British Transport Police officer from station CCTV and arrested earlier this month.

He was found guilty of causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress contrary to Section 4(a) of the Public Order Act, and was sentenced to 22 weeks in prison at Reading Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (March 10).

BTP Sergeant Charlotte Collins said: "It’s clear from Bullock’s persistent and distressing actions that he is a danger to women and girls. I’m pleased to see that after five days he was identified thanks to the crucial help of our colleagues at Thames Valley Police. "No one should be made to feel scared or uncomfortable whilst travelling, and we are committed to making sure women feel safer on the network.

"I commend the victim for her bravery in reporting this incident.

"I would urge anyone who witnesses or experiences sexual harassment on the railway to report it to us by texting 61016. In an emergency, always dial 999."