Mayoral breakthrough: Westminster Council elects 22-year-old Muslim mayor

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Cllr Hamza Taouzzale has become the youngest Lord Mayor of Westminster at just 22 - and the first Muslim mayor of the city.

Cllr Taouzzale said he's determined to tell people what the Lord Mayor role means for Londoners.

"This is the only area I've ever known - this is my home, my life, my mother's home, my grandmother's been here for over 40 years," he told ITV News.

"I'm the first Muslim Lord Mayor of Westminster, so the first person who's not from a stereotypically white background."

Speaking to local schoolchildren about how he came to the role, Cllr Taouzzale explained that he had seen things in his local area that he wasn't happy with and wanted to change.

"So I became a councillor and did that for four years."

He said that rather than being inspired by politicians, it was his family, teachers and friends who he looks up to.

He advised the children to "always be open to conversation, to discussion and debates, be open to talking to people ... genuinely, hard work will get you to where you want to be."

The member for Queen’s Park ward was selected following the Labour Party’s victory in last week’s local elections.

A recent Masters graduate in Global Affairs from King’s College London, Cllr Taouzzale has yet to choose his consorts - but said it will most likely be his mum and auntie.