Arrests after protesters attempt to enter Queen's Jubilee parade route ahead of Trooping the Colour

Animal Rebels disrupt the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.
Twitter/Animal Rebellion/ @RebelsAnimal
Activist group Animal Rebellion disrupt the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Credit: Twitter/Animal Rebellion/ @RebelsAnimal

Twelve people have been arrested after protesters attempted to enter the ceremonial route on The Mall before Trooping the Colour today, the Metropolitan Police said.

Several people were dragged by police out of the path of a military band as they marched along the stretch near Buckingham Palace at around 10.10am Thursday.

Footage showed police detaining a small group of people as the group entered the parade path.

Pro-vegan climate and animal rights campaign group Animal Rebellion is campaigning against the dairy industry, the protest organisers said.

The group said 25 of its supporters were involved in the disruption “due to the Crown’s inaction on the climate emergency and their continued support for meat, fishing, and dairy, a leading contributor to climate breakdown”.

Police officers remove people who ran into the path of the royal procession on The Mall. Credit: PA Images

Some of the protesters managed to sit down in the road before being pulled away by officers.

One of those sitting wore a golden crown around a hat, while the other sat facing the soldiers holding a piece of paper.

Another person walked ahead of the band holding a small poster which read “Reclaim Royal Land” above their head.

Police officers were pictured tackling protesters who strayed onto the Mall as parade spectators looked on.

Despite the disturbance, the band marched on and continued with the parade.

Animal Rebellion describes itself as a mass volunteer movement "using non-violent civil disobedience to help the transition to a plant-based food system", and says it acts in solidarity with climate activists, Extinction Rebellion.

The group's protest material campaigns for the dairy industry to be shut down, saying they seek justice for animals and action on the climate emergency.

Beau King Houston, one of those taking action, said “The royal family has had decades to lead the way on a just transition to plant-based farming and has failed to do so. This transition is common sense and simple, we all win.

“76% of currently farmed land could be rewilded and absorb carbon from the atmosphere. This would restore nature, spare billions of animals, and present a solution to the climate emergency, all in one act.”

In August 2021, Animal Rebellion dyed the fountain outside Buckingham Palace red in protest of the use of Crown lands for hunting and animal agriculture.

Robert Gordon, a spokesperson for the group, said “These Jubilee celebrations are set to cost the taxpayer tens, if not hundreds, of millions of pounds. All whilst we are struggling through the cost-of-living crisis and families across the country are increasingly reliant on foodbanks.

“Instead, this obscene amount of money could have been used to provide instant food security and kick start a plant-based future where no child is left hungry or terrified by climate collapse. We must reclaim royal land for this.”

The Met said on Twitter: “A number of arrests have been made of people who attempted to enter the ceremonial route in The Mall at approximately 10.10hrs today.

“The arrests were public order related for highway obstruction.

“Thank you to the crowd who showed their support by clapping our officers who returned to their post after dealing with the incident swiftly.”

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