Chris Kaba's childhood friend says he will not stop fighting until 'justice is achieved'

Chris Kaba was shot dead by a police officer in south London on 5 September Credit: Handout

Chris Kaba's friend Luke Peters has told ITV London he will not stop fighting until the circumstances around the 24-year-old's death are clear.

He said he wants to see a serious change in the relationship between the Metropolitan Police and the black community.

Mr Kaba was killed on Monday 5 September following a police pursuit of his Audi that ended with him being hemmed in by two police vehicles in Kirkstall Gardens, a narrow residential street in Streatham Hill. The unarmed 24-year-old was then shot with one round from a police weapon. The officer has since been suspended.

A police cordon at the scene in Kirkstall Gardens, Streatham Hill, south London Credit: Andrew Quinn/PA

A meeting took place in Croydon on Friday morning with community leaders, locals and the police.

They raised concerns about relationships between young, black men and the police - warning people in the community need to feel safe. Others called for more training for firearms officers.

Mr Peters says he wants to see accountability.

"Once justice is achieved, that needs to be clear and communicated - to be able to say...this is what should have happened. And hopefully that gives healing."

It comes as Kaba's family has criticised the media for “offensive” reports about past offences which the 24-year-old is alleged to have committed.

Jefferson Bosela, Mr Kaba’s cousin, said the allegations were “a distraction” from establishing the circumstances around Mr Kaba’s death.

Mr Bosela said: “It is extremely distressing to read offensive media allegations about Chris’s past. We have no idea whether the claims are correct, but we can’t see how they are relevant to the police’s decision to shoot Chris dead.

“Everyone in this country has the right to go about their business without fear of being killed by the police."