'Disgusted' father of Stephen Lawrence says prison staff should be sacked over David Norris selfies

'I'm sure my son is turning in his grave,' Neville Lawrence told reporter Helen Keenan.

The distraught father of Stephen Lawrence said he was "disgusted" one of his son's jailed killers sent selfies to friends and insisted prison staff should be sacked.

Neville Lawrence told ITV News London his son would be "turning in his grave" if he knew what David Norris got up to behind bars.

Norris also reportedly used the smuggled phone to call and text friends, log onto Facebook and watch YouTube videos.

He even updated his WhatsApp status to indicate his eventual release from jail, claiming he would be “coming home in 2 to liven you all up”.

David Norris - one of two people brought to justice over the murder of Stephen Lawrence Credit: Met Police

'Son is turning in his grave'

"What I read today, I can't believe it, it's unbearable to think that somebody who is as far as I'm concerned is the worst person in the world because he destroyed my life completely," Neville Lawrence said. "My son is buried in Jamaica... and for me to be told this man is living a life of luxury it's unbelievable that the people in charge of making sure when you do something wrong you pay for it - I'm disgusted. "I'm sure my son is turning in his grave to hear what this man is doing - he is living a better life than I am and I haven't done anything wrong," he added.

Mr Lawrence said he was furious with prison staff who had simply failed to do their job.

"I hope they make sure the people in charge of the prison and allowed that to happen are sacked - get rid of those people and bring people in who do the job they are supposed to do," he said.

"I'm angry he's doing that but I'm angry at the people who are allowing him to do it," Mr Lawrence explained.

Neville Lawrence speaking to ITV News London Credit: ITV News

Five men were arrested over the racist murder of 18-year-old Mr Lawrence, who was stabbed to death in Eltham, south-east London, on April 22 1993.

Two of his killers, David Norris and Gary Dobson, were brought to justice. Both were given life sentences in 2012 after being found guilty of murder.

In May, a bid to move Norris to an open prison was blocked by then-justice secretary Dominic Raab amid fears he still posed a risk to the public.

Neville Lawrence added: "One of the first things I said to my solicitor, when he [David Norris] goes up before the parole board I hope they make sure he admits to murdering my son before they let him come out of prison. "If he doesn't do that he should stay in prison until he does."

A Prison Service spokesperson said: "We do not tolerate illicit phones in jail and prisoners found with them should expect to face longer behind bars.

"We have invested £125 million in tougher prison security measures – including X-ray body scanners that have intercepted over 20,000 attempts to smuggle contraband behind bars in the past two years."

Norris has been placed in segregation while an investigation is under way and could face further punishment depending on its outcome.

It is understood the Prison Service is conducting cell searches, while working to have any social media accounts potentially linked with Norris shut down.

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