Comedian Rob Beckett accidentally leads Just Stop Oil protest

Rob Beckett found himself caught up in Just Stop Oil protests on Monday.

The demonstrators had descended on Westminster to demand the government stops subsidising the fossil fuel industry and blocked the roads.

The TV comedian was attempting to get to work in a taxi but when it could not get past the protestors, he had to get out and walk.

Suddenly he found himself marching with the demonstrators.

“I was in a cab to work and now I’m accidentally in a protest” a bemused Beckett told ITV London’s Rags Martel.

Dressed in crocs and a tracksuit, Beckett found himself inadvertently leading the march for a time.

It was an unexpectedly dramatic commute for the comedian who said the experience was both “stressful” and “exhilarating.”

“I was in an electric cab as well!”

Who are Just Stop Oil?

It is a coalition of activist groups who are calling for the government to stop investing in fossil fuels and transition to green energy sources. They also want the government to insulate houses and look at greener travel alternatives.

They are known for their stunts including gluing themselves to roads and one protestor who tied his neck to a goal post during an Everton match.

Speaking on his Instagram story an exasperated Beckett said "That was a disaster... I'm bouncing about in my crocs. It's going to look mental. I hope it doesn't go on the TV.

"At one point I'm leading a protest through Whitehall. Bit of a different start to my Monday."

Ahead of his commute on Tuesday, Beckett said he could not rule out accidentally leading the protest again. Perhaps he will be in different footwear this time.