Will Jeremy Corbyn challenge Sadiq Khan as next London Mayor?

Sadiq Khan said he heard rumours all the time as he addressed reports Jeremy Corbyn could stand against him as London Mayor.

Mr Khan said he expected to hear "plenty more names knocking around" before the vote in 2024 as the Islington North MP's name emerged as a possible contender for City Hall.

A Corbyn ally reportedly suggested he could win and claimed plenty of people urged him to stand.

'Determined for third term'

Speaking to ITV News mayor Sadiq Khan said: "There are rumours all the time about people standing to be the next mayor.

"I was elected by Londoners on two occasions to serve our great city, giving back something to this great city that's looked after me and my family.

"I'm determined a third term and I'll be persuading Londoners to lend me their vote next time as well.

"This week the rumour is Jeremy Corbyn standing against me and no doubt there will be someone else next week!"

If Corbyn does stand he could mirror Ken Livingstone, who didn't win the Labour Party nomination for the mayoral elections in 2000 but stood as an independent candidate and won.

Ken Livingstone arrives at the QE2 conference centre, where the winner of the 2020 election for Mayor was announced Credit: PA

Mr Corbyn lost the Labour whip in 2020 over his response to the equalities watchdog’s report into antisemitism in the party, an issue that dogged his leadership of almost five years.

Although he was reinstated as a Labour member after a suspension, his successor Sir Keir Starmer has refused to readmit him to the parliamentary party.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said Starmer had "driven out" anti-semitism from the party, adding: "We have seen the progress he [Starmer] has made with the best results London has ever seen in council elections earlier this year - driving out anti-semitism from our party.

"One of the joys of democracy is people can stand for all the jobs going whether it's a councillor, member of parliament or the Mayor of London.

The key thing is for me to focus on my daytime job which is looking after the needs of Londoners and addressing the housing crisis, reducing crime and cleaning up the air.

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