Rape survivor drugged by her ex-boyfriend got 'sexually inappropriate comments' from Met officer

'He drugged me and then he recorded it,' Juliana Terlizzi told Senior Correspondent Ronke Phillips

A rape survivor who was drugged, filmed and blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend said she got 'sexually inappropriate comments' from a Met Police officer.

Juliana Terlizzi, who waived her right to anonymity in an interview with ITV News, described the assault at her West London home in disturbing detail, along with the police response.

The 35-year-old claims an officer even sent an email in the middle of the night saying her panic button would be removed.

Juliana explained how therapy was helping her process her trauma of being raped, but said the court trial was the most "damaging part" of the whole process.

She was most worried by comments an officer made which she described as 'sexually inappropriate'.

Juliana said: "I said this is abuse, this person is being sexually inappropriate with me, he knows I'm a rape victim.

"Because he was the investigating officer he had access to those videos - I was naked, I was vulnerable."

"He should not have strayed anywhere near that type of conversation," she added.

The Met Police said a complaint against the officer is still being investigated eight months after it was first made.

A statement added: "As is normal procedure, an officer from the team is in regular contact with the complainant, including when there is a significant update on the investigation."

Juliana's ex-boyfriend, Hubert Greliak, was jailed for 18 years after a jury found him guilty of rape.

Hubert Greliak, 33, drugged and tied up his partner Credit: Met Police

"He drugged me and he recorded it. Then he played it for me when he woke me up. He tied me up as well," Juliana said.

"In the video he says 'I'll completely rape you while you're sleeping unconscious and making a video of it as well'

"He woke me up and played it for me and recorded my reaction watching it with him," she explained.

When Greliak tried to use the footage to blackmail Juliana she reported the attack to police but despite the serious nature of the offence he was given bail.

"I felt like I was put in an unsafe situation which I found I had to be under forced house arrest while he was free and it was a nightmare. Why was this person still afforded his freedom?" she said.

Juliana explained how the attack and the way it had been handled by police, had left her feeing stuck, unable to work and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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