'But I've won 8 times!' Roger Federer tells of moment he was refused entry to Wimbledon

Roger Federer, eight-time Wimbledon champion - and lifetime member Credit: PA

Roger Federer has told of how he was refused entry into Wimbledon a few weeks ago when a security guard who didn't know who he was wouldn't let him inside the famous grounds without a membership pass.

Speaking to Trevor Noah on the US chat show The Daily Show, the Swiss tennis champ revealed how he decided to drop in on his coach at Wimbledon while he was recently in London.

However, the security guard on the gate wouldn't let the eight-time champion in without the required membership card.

The 41-year-old explained how he told the guard "Normally when I'm here, I'm playing". But it was no use, the guard was not allowing him entry.

"I still can't believe I said this, because I still feel bad about it," he told the show. "But I looked at her and said 'I've won this tournament eight times, please, believe me, I am a member! Where do I get in?'"

But she wouldn't budge and the tennis ace was forced to get back into his car and tell his coach they couldn't enter.

The pair drove around to the other side of the grounds where he gratefully seized on a fan who wanted to take a selfie with him in front of different security staff.

"Mr Federer, what are you doing here" they asked. "Do you have your membership card?"

With the chat show audience descending into laughter, the star revealed that it was second time lucky and the second lot of guards let him and his coach inside.

"I thought of going over to the other side and giving a wave that I was in," he laughed. "But I didn't do it."

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