Londoners fight to save Curzon Mayfair from closure after 88 years

The Curzon Mayfair has been listed as an asset of community value earlier this year, but the accolade may not be enough to save the venue. Credit: ITV News

Campaigners are trying to save one of London's oldest cinemas from closure after 88 years.

The Curzon cinema in Mayfair was built in 1934 and is considered an historic landmark.

The cinema's lease is now up for renewal - and there are fears that the landlord may apply for a redevelopment of the property. Over 6,000 people have signed a petition to try and protect the venue which has been host to countless premieres.

Westminster City Council granted the Curzon Mayfair Asset of Community Value (ACV) status earlier this.

Jake Garriock, Head of Publicity, Curzon Cinema said it would be a "real shame" if the venue was forced to close.

"I think it's really important that London continues to have cultural places where people can meet, spend time together and enjoy themselves despite the commercial activity that is going on all around."

But while the ACV will provide the Curzon with extra protection, it may not be able to save it.

A petition to save the cinema has reached nearly 7,000 signatories.

"Westminster Council found that the Curzon cinema provides a distinct cultural use that furthers the social interests of Mayfair and concluded that Curzon is an important community asset for the area," the man behind the petition, Councillor Patrick Lilley, said.

This is not the first time the cinema has been threatened with closure.

In 2016, the cinema was embroiled in a row over soundproofing after developers demanded the venue to foot the £500,000 bill for it so that luxury flats could be built above it.

Developers later backed off from their demands.