YouTube star KSI urges Prime drink fans to be patient as drinks fly off the shelves at up to £100

  • "I think it is ridiculous that people are reselling Prime at crazy amounts," KSI told ITV News

YouTube star KSI urged fans of his Prime drink to be patient as manufacturers scrambled to crank up supply faced with phenomenal demand.

Bottles of the energy drink have been flying off the shelves leading to chaotic scenes in supermarkets and some shops selling for as much as £100.

The Watford-born star said it was "unfair and unethical" to inflate prices as supply struggled to meet demand.

Speaking to ITV News he added: "I think it is ridiculous that people are reselling Prime at crazy amounts.

"It should not be worth £100! Or even £10, 15 or £20 for a bottle of Prime hydration. It is clearly ridiculous and I hate it.

"It is going to be hard to combat because demand is so high but eventually, hopefully, we can increase the supply of Prime in England and all around the world so people can get it at affordable prices."

Wakey Wines was banned from TikTok after advertising cans of Prime for eye-wateringly high prices.

Wakey Wines attracted a huge following in TikTok Credit: TikTok/Wakey Wines

Mohammad Azar Nazir runs the shop in Wakefield and used social media to promote his business.

Some bottles were on sale for £100 and, in one post, one customer splashed out £1,200 on a box of bottles.

"To the owner of Wakey Wines what you are doing is just unfair and it is not ethical and it is not nice," KSI said.

"It’s not nice what you’re doing to these kids or these adults who just want to try Prime. Nice affordable prices is all we want!"

"The price should be £2," he added.

Wakey Wines insisted the videos were "for fun" and they were making the best of a business opportunity.

Since rocketing to fame on YouTube from his home in Hertfordshire, KSI said he was conscious of the huge influence he had and was careful what he did with it.

He added: "I am very careful with what I promote because I know that when it comes to anything that I promote people swarm towards it.

"So I am very particular and care about my audience so much."

KSI spoke about his growing business empire ahead of a big boxing showdown at Wembley Arena this weekend.

He faces fellow YouTube Faze Temper on Saturday with a combined following of over 60 million fans across their social media channels.

  • Below: Reporter Sam Holder asks KSI about his huge following and influence

"It's YouTuber boxing, influencer boxing, crossover boxing, whatever you want to call it, watching chaos! Chaos, but entertaining and it has been thriving for years," KSI said.

"I train so hard! Any friends of mine will tell you how hard I work that's why they are excited when I get into the ring because they know it's essentially a celebration of all the hard work I put in," he explained.

KSI Vs Faze Temper takes place on Saturday at Wembley Arena.

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