Mourners run for cover in church after drive-by shooting at Euston memorial which left girl critical

This video contains distressing images

[Video from BPM Media/MyLondon]

Mourners were sent screaming into a north London church after a drive-by shooting at a memorial service left a seven-year-old girl fighting for life and five others injured.

Video recorded moments after Saturday's attack showed scenes of panic and chaos inside St Aloysius Church in Euston.

Shouts of "move, move, move" and "oh my god!" are heard as dozens of panicked mourners run for cover shortly after gunmen fired shots from a Toyota before driving off.

The footage shows dozens of people desperately looking for a safe place in the church as six people lay injured outside.

Among those inside the church was Father Trood who said he heard a bang before people ran back inside.

He said: "They knew something had happened outside. They were very scared, people sheltered in the church until the police said they can leave but some of them were so scared they had to wait a while to get their confidence back up to go outside.

"But I was in the church the whole time so I didn’t actually see what had happened."

Father Trood, who conducted the service, confirmed Saturday's event was a Requiem Mass for Sara Sanchez, 20, and her mother Fresia Calderon, who both died in November.

Ms Sanchez suffered from leukaemia for three years before succumbing to the disease after her mother died suddenly from a rare blood clot on arrival at Heathrow from Colombia.

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