Family fights for speed cameras as cars keep smashing into house in Essex

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A worried mum is fighting to get a speed camera installed on her road in Essex after cars repeatedly crashed into her property narrowly avoiding death or serious injury.

Laura Lines lives off the Crooked Mile near Waltham Abbey with her husband Daniel and their two daughters, but says they're all "nervous wrecks" after a car smashed through their living room wall last year.

The most severe crash happened in October 2022, when a driver smashed into their home in the evening and destroyed their living room.

"Thankfully we were all in bed and none of us were injured or physically hurt," the 44-year-old said.

"On a normal evening, we would of probably still been in the kitchen either chilling out on the sofas or pottering about. In fact 30 mins beforehand I was sitting on the sofa with my nine-year-old daughter.

"We could of been badly injured or worse, it doesn’t bear thinking about. I now have a daughter who is constantly on edge and says she doesn’t feel safe and she will not be in any room in the house by herself, she has to be with someone in order to relax.

"There was a lot of structural and internal damage, also to furniture. A home that we have taken a lot of pride in, time and money to get just how we wanted it."

Part of the house was destroyed by the impact of the crash Credit: BPM Media

This wasn't the first time the home had been damaged by cars coming off the road. There were three incidents and the latest happened on January 19 when a car skidded on the icy surface and crashed into the garden fence.

Inside the garden are kennels as Daniel trains police dogs. None were harmed, but were very shaken up.

Laura has now launched a petition to have a speed camera or restrictive measures installed along Crooked Mile, where the speed limit is currently 60mph.

Car comes off the road and into the family's home in Essex Credit: BPM Media

Talking about the night in October she added: "That was just so traumatic. I was laying in bed above where it hit the house so I felt the impact. We heard the screech and instantly as soon as I felt it I knew it had hit the house. I looked at the CCTV cameras and ran downstairs without thinking as the adrenaline kicked in.

"I couldn't open the door between my lounge and my kitchen it was jammed because it shunted the whole house. I managed to get in - I jumped over the rubble barefoot because I've got my dog sleeping in the kitchen. I checked that the kids were okay and then just broke down. It's like something out of a film. I looked and there was half of my wall missing and a car in my kitchen."

Laura's nine-year-old daughter is "petrified" now and refuses to go into any room of the home without her mum or dad there with her.

Below: Reporter Carolyn Sim met the family in Essex who fear another accident could cause even more damage to their home

She burst into tears the other night when asked to go get in the bath as she was scared of what might happen. "How many more lives have got to be lost or properties damaged before they make any change?" she added.

When asked about Laura's mission to get a speed camera installed on Crooked Mile, a spokesperson for Essex Highways said: "The best way to take this forward is by speaking to your local county councillor and if they support your request, they can put it through to the Local Highway Panel who can assess whether there are any suitable speed reduction methods that can be introduced. You can include the petition as part of your supporting information."

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